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If this information has helped you in some way, please contact us and let us know! Are you planning an anniversary celebration for your spouse whom you met at an LSC movie? Did you need to find a movie that you knew you saw at LSC sometime, but whose title you've forgotten?

LSC has been a cultural phenomenon at MIT since 1944, often unique in many ways from other college film groups. Help us fill in the collective folk history of LSC and MIT, and tell us how it's affected your life.

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LSC Film Schedules since 1950

LSC has been showing feature films on campus since 1950. Check out our schedules by decade below:

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LSC on the Web

The Tech claims to be the first newspaper on the web, dating from 1993, and there's no evidence to the contrary. We don't know where we fit in at 1996, but we're probably one of the first dozen movie theaters on the web. Some perspective: Google went online in 1996 and was known as Backrub; put up its first site in July 1995; Yahoo dates from February 1994. Here's the Google archive of a Usenet post explaining the woefully incomplete state of theater websites as late as 1997.

Please be aware that there may be broken links, as well as links to websites that no longer exist. This is a reflection of the speed with which the Internet changes. Also, while we've tried to replicate the original page layout as closely as possible, a modern browser will probably render it differently from a period browser. For some real fun, dig out an old copy of Netscape or Mosaic.

The Beginning: 1996 Design

  1996:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  1997:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  1998:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  1999:    IAP    Spring    (missing)      

We can proudly claim that we did not use any <blink> tags in the rush to take advantage of the Netscape tags in HTML. Of interest: the links to the Mississippi State University mirror of IMDB for Spring 1996. The MSU links don't work, but the subsequent links still work, a tribute to backward compatibility. Here's what the IMDB used to look like. Kevin Lynch '96 and Phil Lisiecki '96 worked on the IAP 1996 site. We are uncertain if there was an earlier incarnation of the website.

Release 2: 1999 Design

  1999:             Fall   
  2000:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2001:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2002:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2003:    IAP    Spring         

Alvar Saenz-Otero '98 G designed the new layout for the LSC webpage. Webmasters for this design included Jeremy Daniel '99. Depending on how you count it, our first movie in the new millennium was either Lolita or Dead Poets Society. Also of note are the special pages in Fall 1999 for Thanksgiving and the Star Wars costume contest.

Release 3: 2003 Design

  2003:          Summer    Fall   
  2004:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2005:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2006:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2007:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2008:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2009:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2010:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2011:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2012:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2013:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2014:    IAP    Spring    Summer    Fall   
  2015:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   
  2016:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   
  2017:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   
  2018:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   
  2019:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   
  2020:    IAP    n/a n/a n/a
  2021:    n/a n/a n/a Fall   
  2022:    IAP    Spring    n/a Fall   

Tao Yue '04 designed the new layout for the LSC webpage. Webmasters for this design included Erica Peterson '02. Of interest: the closed-captioning logo beginning in fall of 2003, when we installed Rear Window Captioning, which makes theatrical films accessible to the hard-of-hearing. Release 3a in Summer 2007 incorporated some small changes to the layout and style, as well as the inclusion of embedded flash trailers on the front page. The photograph of an LSC audience featured at the top of the page was taken by Tao Yue '04.