LSC Membership

LSC is constantly looking for new members to create the genuine movie theater experience in your local lecture halls. We screen Hollywood blockbusters, classic cinema, and foreign and independent films. We also organize lectures featuring diverse speakers such as major science fiction authors, film directors, and web comic artists.

How to Join: Fill out a Blue Form right here.

If you have questions about what a committee does or how you can help, please email us.

Why Join?

Because LSC is fun! We bring 30 movies to campus each term in addition to organizing lectures. And we need your help, because it's not easy to serve over 10,000 customers each term!

What you get

As a member of LSC you get lots of stuff:

What can you do?

There are lots of things to do at LSC, so many that we organized the group into different committees:

Night Committee

The night committee organizes sneak previews and the movie events that LSC runs every weekend. They sell tickets, usher, and control the crowds. If you join the Night committee, you'll sell tickets and then stay for one of the shows about seven nights a term (you can ask to be scheduled for the movies you wanted to see anyway).

Publicity Committee

Here you help design, print, and distribute all the LSC publicity you have seen around campus. You can also work on making slides for both LSC publicity and the other groups and activities that advertise at LSC. Unlike the other committees, most people on Publicity can do their work during the week — designers on their own schedule and distributors on weekday mornings.

Refreshments Committee

In short: popcorn, soda, candy, and lots of fun! First you help setup all the refreshments in 26-100, then you get free popcorn and soda during your volunteer shift, and at the end of the night you help clean-up and take our stuff back to the refreshments room. Come learn how to use S&M, Fred, and Guido (the machines, silly!). If you join Refreshments, you'll work about seven weekend nights per term; you can ask to work the movies that you were planning to see anyway.

Projection Committee

This committee does what its name says: projects the movies! In this committee you get to learn how to operate Laurel and Hardy (the 35mm projectors), the 6-channel DTS digital and Dolby Digital sound systems, and pretty much all the electronics in 26-100. Plus, if you become a sub-director you get to be licensed as a projectionist by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts! Projectionists work about six nights per term, mostly on weekends. Though the shifts can be long (you're the first to arrive and often the last to leave), the toys are by far the coolest.

Lecture Committee

This committee organizes all the lectures that we bring to campus during the term. The head of the committee organizes the search process and contacts the companies that sponsor/manage lecturers. The whole committee organizes the logisitcs of the event, making sure rooms are ready and then manning the doors to check for tickets and control the crowds.