About LSC

The MIT Lecture Series Committee has been bringing quality entertainment to the MIT campus since 1944. In 1950 our popular film program began. Over the years, we have kept at the forefront of cinema technology, featuring four-track magnetic surround sound when monaural sound was the norm. Thus was born the phrase "IN STEREO!" -- an in-joke in the MIT community (come to an LSC movie and find out why).

Today, LSC features 35mm motion picture projection on a 26'x13' screen and 5.1 DTS and Dolby Digital sound, with 7000 watts of amplification. Our weekly films showcase a diverse selection of Hollywood blockbusters, foreign and independent film, and the best of classic cinema, many from splendid and rare archival prints.

LSC is also proud to feature our Rear Window Captioning system, which allows the hearing-impaired to watch closed captioning of selected films.

From time to time, LSC also features special events such as the Science Fiction Marathon, advance screenings of films not yet released to theaters, lectures by famous personalities, concerts, and more.