Rentals at LSC

Thank you for inquiring about rentals with LSC! Please see the following guidelines for booking a private screening* or popcorn machine rental.

We require a minimum three week notice when booking a private screening in order to have time to schedule workers and reserve classroom space.

We require a minimum one week notice when renting our popcorn machine in order to have time to schedule workers.

To submit a request, please fill out this form.

*Note that this is for the use of LSC’s projection system and not 26-100. If you are looking to book 26-100 as a room, please visit LSC’s projection system is not the same system used by MIT A/V during classes.

LSC Workers:


Private Screenings

Since these are outside the scope of our regular screenings, we charge $16/hour/worker.

Pricing for the screening format varies:

Refreshments are sold at our regular pricing:

Popcorn Machine Rentals

Same charge for workers. Renters are also expected to cover popcorn costs.