LSC Tickets and Offers

General admission to LSC movie events is $5 per ticket. Children ten and under get in free (one child per adult admission). A variety of discount offers and purchasing options gives you even greater value:

Most LSC events are open to the general public. Exceptions will be noted as such in the schedule.


You can always buy tickets near the entrance to LSC shows or online at Be sure to get your Moviecard stamped when you pay for your ticket.


The Moviecard rewards you for being a frequent moviegoer at LSC! Now you can get FREE admissions without having to pay in advance for multiple admissions. Each purchase of a full-priced ticket gives you one stamp on your Moviecard, which can be redeemed for a free LSC movie ticket (10 stamps), a free medium popcorn (7 stamps), or a free medium soda (4 stamps). Moviecards can be obtained wherever tickets are sold. Best of all, they don't expire! Multipass admissions and other discounted tickets do not qualify for Moviecard stamps.

Advance Screenings

From time to time, LSC will show free advance screenings of films not yet released to theaters -- yes, this means the whole film! Sometimes we hand out tickets for advance screenings at earlier LSC events, so make sure you check to see when tickets will be distributed! For highly anticipated films we can get crowded, so arrive early for the best seats!

Due to fire code regulations, nobody may enter an advance screening after the room is full.

Movie Night

Large group? Make it a movie night!

MIT living groups and student organizations are eligible for group admission to films. You get early admission to the room, discounted tickets, and reserved seating. You also get the convenience of paying for the group as a block after the event has happened. And best of all, the more people you bring, the more you save!

Movie nights should be arranged with LSC at least one week in advance. Groups of fewer than 20 are eligible for a 10% discount, and larger groups get a 20% discount. You must send a representative to the room at least 30 minutes before the scheduled showtime to obtain tickets and reserve seats. Members of your group should arrive early, as the seats are reserved but not guaranteed if the room fills up.

Contact us to get more details on this discount program. LSC reserves the right to deny any Movie Night requests. Advance Screenings are not eligible for Movie Nights; it just wouldn't be fair to the people standing in line for tickets.

We hope to see your group at LSC soon!

Special Events

Special events such as lectures, movie marathons, and concerts may be priced differently and will be so noted in the event description. Advance Screenings may also be restricted in attendance to the MIT community.