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IAP 2001 Movie Descriptions

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Most descriptions obtained from IMDB.

Dead Poets Society (1989) (PG) 128 m
Friday January 12, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday January 14, 7:00pm in 26-100
Painfully shy Todd Anderson has been sent to the school where his popular older brother was valedictorian. His room-mate, Neil, although exceedingly bright and popular, is very much under the thumb of his overbearing father. The two, along with their other friends, meet Professor Keating, their new English teacher, who tells them of the Dead Poets Society, and encourages them to go against the status quo. Each, in their own way, does this, and are changed for life.
The Usual Suspects (1995) (R) 106 m
Saturday January 13, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday January 14, 10:00pm in 26-100
After a waterfront explosion, Verbal (Kevin Spacey), an eye-witness and participant tells the story of events leading up to the conflagration. The story begins when five men are rounded up for a line-up, and grilled about a truck hijacking (the usual suspects). Least pleased is Keaton (Gabriel Byrne) a crooked cop - exposed, indicted, but now desperately trying to go straight. The cops won't leave him alone, however, and as they wait for their lawyers to post bail, he is talked into doing one more job with the other four. All goes tolerably well until the influence of the legendary, seemingly omnipotent "Keyser Soze" is felt. Although set in the modern day, it has much of the texture of the forties, plus suspense, intrigue (a fairly high body count), and lots of twists in the plot
10 Things I Hate About You (1999) (PG-13) 97 m
Friday January 19, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday January 21, 7:00pm in 26-100
Bianca Stratford (Larisa Oleynik) is dying to go out with Joey Donner (Andrew Keegan) the babe of their school. Kat Stratford (Julia Stiles) would rather die than go out with a boy. Mr. Stratford has this rule where Bianca can date... when Kat does. Bianca begs her sister to have a night of "teenage normalcy" Little does Bianca know that not only Joey is trying to set her sister up but also Cameron (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) her cute, but also unpopular French tutor. Joey and Camereon's "set up guy" Patrick (Heathe Ledger) is trying to get Kat to go out with him. But does it work, will Kat go out with him? Will Bianca go out with Joey?
La Vita è bella
aka: Life Is Beautiful
(PG-13) 114 m
Saturday January 20, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday January 21, 10:00pm in 26-100
Subtitled: In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until the occupation of Italy by German forces. In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank.
23rd annual Science Fiction Marathon
Saturday January 27, 7:00pm in 26-100
Sunday January 28, 7:00pm in 26-100 (Sunday features only)
See the Marathon page for the full schedule including:
  • The Matrix
  • Star Wars: Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
  • Ghostbusters
  • It Came From Outer Space
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Aliens

Where the Heart Is (2000) (PG-13) 120 m
Friday February 2, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday February 4, 7:00pm in 26-100
Novalee Nation is a pregnant 15-year-old from Tennessee heading to California with her boyfriend Willie Jack, but is abandoned by him at a Wal-Mart store in Sequoyah, Oklahoma. Novalee has no job, no skills and only $5.55 in her pocket, so she secretly lives in the Wal-Mart until her daughter Americus is born six weeks later. Novalee decides to raise her daughter and rebuild her life in Sequoyah, with the help of eccentric but kind strangers. Based on the best-selling novel by Billie Letts.
Clue (1985) (PG) 97 m
Saturday February 3, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday February 4, 10:00pm in 26-100
Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd, Martin Mull, Michael McKean, and Madeline Kahn. 1954, seven people are invited under pseudonyms and under mysterious circumstances to the spooky "Hill House." However, the invites are no coincidences. Each person, including the butler, is all there because of blackmail. Upon confrontation, the blackmailer is murdered along with the cook and other successive visitors to boot. Soon accusations fly as each character proclaims their innocence while trying to keep themselves alive.
Unbreakable (2000) (PG-13) 106 min
Saturday February 3, 7:00pm & 10:00pm in 26-100
Sunday February 4, 10:00pm in 26-100
From the writer/director of last years remarkable Sixth Sense. David is a character who, for lack of a better term is invincible, having survived disasters like car and train wrecks. Elijah was born with his arms and legs broken - the polar opposite of David - is so frail that he is constrained to a wheelchair. Elijah is in love with comic books and believes that the world consists of a universal balance; that David is the superhero that balances out his frailty and spends the movie trying to convice David of his own greatness in order to validate his ideas about the world.

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