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All tickets to standard LSC movie events are $3.00 per person.
But there are many ways to get discounts, and several places to get your tickets:

At the door - entrance of 26-100 or 10-250.
For sneaks - free sneaks run out of tickets quickly!
At "The Source" - in advance at the lobby of the Student Center.
Multipass - 6 admissions in advance, for the price of 5.
Movie Card - get 10 stamps and get one free admission.
Movie Night - Large group? Make it a movie night!

Tickets at the door

You can always buy your tickets at the entrance of any LSC events. They are always $3.00 for admission to any of the standard LSC movie events. Be sure to get your Movie Card stamped when you get your ticket.

Ticket sales usually start 30 minutes before the event; so, for example, sales for a 7:00pm movie will start at 6:30pm.

Tickets for Sneaks

Free sneak previews are usually limited to one showing, since the movie tends to be an advance preview of shows that are not yet out in the general market. This also means that lots of people want to see the show, and therefore that the room gets full really quickly. Therefore: get there early! The shows are usually at 8:00pm, and we start to distribute the tickets at around 6:00pm.. Sneaks are restricted to MIT community and their guests. Up to two tickets will be distributed for each holder of MIT/Wellesley ID while supplies last.

Due to fire code regulations, once the room is full nobody can enter a sneak, even though it is free.

Tickets at "The Source"

Now you can purchase all your movie tickets in advance at the Source. No more waiting in line to buy a ticket. No more worrying about whether any tickets will be left. When you purchase a ticket through the Source, you have a guaranteed seat at the showtime you ordered. Additionally, you receive a stamp on you MovieCard for every regularly priced ticket purchased.

The Source is located in the Lobby of the MIT Student Center, building W20, 84 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA. The Source is open from 8:00am to 6:00pm Monday through Friday. You can contact The Source directly with questions by phone at 252-1994.


What do you get with Multipass?
  • Purchase your pass in advance for $15.00 and get 6 admissions for the price of 5!
  • can be used up to four punches per film (e.g. for friends)
  • does not qualify for Moviecard stamps
The Multipass is available for purchase at all movies at the ticket counter, in the LSC office (W20-469, if someone is there), and through the Source.

Movie Card

Movie Card pic What the MovieCard does for you:
  • Now you can get FREE admissions without having to commit to purchasing a large number of tickets.
  • Collect 10 stamps by purchasing regularly priced movie tickets and redeem the card wherever tickets are sold for a free ticket.
  • or redeem 4 stamps for a free medium soda
  • or redeem 7 stamps for a free medium popcorn
  • Receive a stamp for every regularly priced movie ticket purchased at The Source or at the door.
  • You can get a MovieCard wherever tickets are sold and at the LSC office.
  • MovieCards don't expire!

LSC Movie Nights

LSC offers to all MIT living groups and student organizations an attractive discount program. After coordinating in advance with LSC, you can hold a Movie Night for your group at any of the movies LSC shows during the term. You get early admission to the room, discounted tickets, and reserved seating. You also get the convenience of paying for the group as a block after the event has happened. And best of all, the more people you bring, the more you save!

In general, you need to contact LSC at least a week before the day you intend to hold the event. You get a 20% discount if more than 20 members of your living group attend, and a 10% discount for fewer attendees. Of course, LSC reserves the right to refuse to hold a Movie Night for a given movie, particularly if we expect that movie to be very popular, or if there are already a number of other groups holding Movie Nights at the same event.

You need to send a representative to the room at least one hour before the scheduled showtime, in order to distribute tickets to the members of your living group, and more if you intend to hold a block of reserved seats. Furthermore, we don't guarantee admission to members of your living group, so you should make sure they arrive at the room well before the start of the show to ensure their place in the audience.

Like all offers, this one has some caveats and restrictions. Contact us for the full details of this program. LSC reserves the right to deny any Movie Night requests.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by going to the Contact LSC webpage.

We hope to see your group at LSC soon!

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