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Please feel free to contact us, either electronically, or via telephone or fax or via mail.

Contact us electronically

If you would like to send comments on these Web pages to their maintainers, or on any other LSC topic, you may do so below. You can send comments to the following groups:


General comments about the operations of LSC, or questions about LSC schedules and procedures. This is also the appropriate list for contacting the Officers of LSC. Feel free to direct your comments to one of the officers listed below.

Alex Rolfe  Chairman
Janet Leung  Treasurer
Mike Stage  Lecture Director
Emma Smith  Night Director
Modupe Adeleye  Publicity Director
Erica Peterson  Projection Director
Mike Matczynski  Refreshments Director
Tao Yue  Classics Director
Fen Zhao  Secretary


Comments about LSC's Web Pages, or information contained therein.

Slides Questions

If you have any questions about advertising at an LSC event with 35mm slides first read our online information . If you still have questions, send email to this address.

Mailing List Subscriptions

Request to be subscribed to LSC's mailing list. You will receive regular announcements about our movies and special events.
Giving us your email address will permit us to contact you in the event that we would like to ask for more information. If you wish to remain anonymous, you can leave the "Your Email Address" field blank.

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Contact us by mail

Postal mail should be directed to:

MIT Lecture Series Committee
Box 397007
Cambridge, MA 02139-7007
Our shipping address (UPS, Fedex, DHL, Airborne Express, etc.) is:

MIT Lecture Series Committee
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Room W20-469
Cambridge, MA 02139
If you're uncertain which of the above to use, you may use the dual-addresed form:

MIT Lecture Series Committee
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Room W20-469
Box 397007
Cambridge, MA 02139-7007
If you're shipping us a film via ETS or TES, please contact us separately for shipping instructions.

Contact us by telephone or fax

You can reach the LSC office at +1 617 253 3791.

You may reach us by fax at +1 617 253 3793.

You can hear the week's schedule by calling the LSC Movieline at +1 617 258 8881.

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