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Membership Card LSC is constantly looking for new members to help run one of the largest student groups in MIT. Every term there are around 100 people helping out make LSC's operation a success, and you can be part of it. Lets go into what LSC members do and enjoy...

When and where?

To join fill out a
Blue Form
right here.

If you don't want to fill out the Online LSC Blue-Form, you can find paper copies of the form outside the LSC office in the Student Center, room W20-469 (fourth floor, on the east side of the building, facing 77 Mass Av.).

Why Join?

Because LSC is fun! We do lots of things to bring entertainment to MIT, something to use the lecture halls for other than class lectures: fun lectures and movies! And we need your help, because it's not easy to serve over 10,000 customers each term!

Plus, you get lots of advantages when you join LSC...

What you get

As a member of LSC you get lots of stuff:
  • You get your very own membership card.
  • All members can go to any standard LSC movie event for free, plus you can also take one free guest!
  • As an LSC member you are entitled to get an "LSC Food Stamp", which gives you 20% discount on all LSC refreshments.
  • If you stay in LSC for a while, and/or become part of LSC executive commitee, you can become a permanent member which gives you free admission for life, and food stamps for life.
  • LSC members get the opportunity to reserve tickets for lectures & other popular events before tickets are offered to the MIT community & general public.

What do you do?

There are lots of things to do at LSC, so many that we organized the group into different committees:

Lecture Committee

This committee organizes all the lectures that we bring to campus during the term. The head of the committee (director), does the main searching and contact with the companies that sponsor/manage lecturers. The workers of the group then help the logisitcs of the event, making sure rooms are ready and then manning the doors to check for tickets and crowd control.

Night Committee

The night committee is the main organizer of the movie events and sneak previews that LSC runs every weekend. The night director schedules people to work, and deal directly with sneak companies to try and get many sneaks to MIT. The 'sub-directors' are the ones that run each night, by handling all the money and tickets; the workers help the sub-director by actually selling the tickets and manning the doors.

Projection Committee

This committee does what its name says: projects the movies! In this committee you get to learn how to operate the 35mm projectors, the DTS sound system, and pretty much all the electronics in 26-100 and 10-250. Plus, if you become a sub-director you get to be a licensed projectionist for the state of Massachusetts!

Publicity Committee

Here you help design, print, and distribute all the LSC publicity you have seen around campus. You can also work on making slides for both LSC publicity and other groups and activities that pay LSC to show the slides.

Refreshments Committee

In short: popcorn, soda, candy, hotdogs, and lots of fun! First you help setup all the refreshments in 26-100; then you get free popcorn and soda during your volunteer shift; and at the end of the night you help us clean-up and take all our stuff back to the "refreshments room". Come learn how to use S&M, Fred, & Guido (the machines, silly!) & hear quaint stories about them.

Classics Committee

Want to help run the "Classics Series" instead of the usual 'new' movies? If you love all those classic movies from the 50's, 60's, and 70's, then this is your committee, where you get to help out making sure the movies happen, and even can get a voice on what shows!

Administrative Committees

There are other options, like helping moving films around, or counting the money before and after each weekend; or maybe you'd like to be the archivist of all LSC information.

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