September 12, 2012

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Australian Short Film Today

September 12, 2012 at 7:00 pm in 26-100

Featuring the latest and most exciting short films from Down Under!

Two Laps

2010. 4 mins.
Director: Owen Trevor
The story of Pete and Val and their annual swimming race, which in 17 years has developed into a cutthroat struggle for 1st place. Filmed on North Narrabeen Beach, Sydney.
Rushes Soho Shorts (London) 2011: International Award

The Palace

2011. 16 mins.
Writer/Director/Producer: Anthony Maras
Producers: Kate Croser, Andros Achilleos
Cyprus 1974. A Cypriot family flees advancing Turkish forces and takes refuge in an abandoned Ottoman-era palace. When a young Turkish Cypriot conscript comes face to face with the family in hiding, he is forced to confront the brutal reality of war and his role in it.
Sydney, Dendy Awards, 2011: Best Short Film, Live Action.
AACTA 2012: Best Short Fiction Film, Best Screenplay in a Short Film.
Flickerfest 2012: Best Australian Short Film


2011. 11 mins.
Writer/Director: Nash Edgerton
Producers: John Polson, Lauren Edwards
In this sequel to "Spider," Jack has a new girlfriend but hasn't quite learned his lesson….
Flickerfest 2012: Best Direction in an Australian Short Film
Leeds International 2011: Best Short Fiction Film
Cannes 2011:  Nominated for Palme d'Or - Best Short Film

The Telegram Man

2011. 15 mins.
Director/Producer: James F. Khehtie
Writer: Victoria Wharfe McIntyre; based on a short story by John Boyne
1942. A country town in the outback. In the throes of grief, one seldom considers the man who delivers the news. Starring Jack Thompson, Gary Sweet and Sigrid Thornton. Filmed in Wilberforce, NSW.
2012 AFI | AACTA Awards, Best Short Fiction Film Nominee

First Contact

2011. 22 mins.
Director: Matt Richards
Producers: Brendan Guerin, Matt Richards
Film School: VCA
For a father and daughter living in self-imposed exile, the arrival of a stranger stirs up fear and conflict. Filmed at Lake Tyrrell, Victoria.
VCA: Outstanding Script
Film Victoria: Best Masters Production (Narrative)
Cinema Nova 2011: Best Potential for Theatrical Distribution


2011. 10 mins. Animation.
Director: Alister Lockhart
Writer/Co-Director: Patrick Sarell
Producers: The Lampshade Collective - Katrina Mathers, Merrin Jensen, Daryl Munton, Patrick Sarell
A road trip across the vast and barren outback, featuring youth, stupidity and the male ego. Set on the Nullarbor Plain.
AACTA 2012: Best Animated Short
Sydney, Dendy Awards, 2011: Yoram Gross Award, Best Animated Short

How Many More Doctors Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

2012. 7 mins.
Director/Producer: Marie Patane
One man's faith in the medical profession is about to be "sorely" tested.
Tropfest 2012: Finalist; Moet & Chandon Women in Film Award