February 13, 2012

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Rated G
60 minutes

LSC New Member Signup

February 13, 2012 at 8:00 pm in 26-100

LSC has been bringing quality entertainment to the MIT community since 1944. We screen Hollywood blockbusters, classic cinema, and foreign and independent films. We also organize lectures featuring diverse speakers such as major science fiction authors, film directors, and web comic artists.

Come to our New Member Signup to eat snacks, watch 35mm short films, and see how you can join the fun!

Why Join? Because LSC is fun! We bring movies to campus each term in addition to organizing lectures. And we need your help to serve thousands of members of the MIT community and the general public every term!

What do members get? As a member of LSC you get lots of stuff:

  -   FREE ADMISSION to any standard LSC movie event for you and a guest
  -   FIRST DIBS on reserving tickets for lectures and sneak previews of upcoming Hollywood releases
  -   DISCOUNTED REFRESHMENTS: save 25% on the already cheap food
  -   If you stay in LSC for long enough, you can become a permanent member which gives you free admission for life.

What can you do? Help us pick the movies we show, sell tickets, design and print posters, sell popcorn, project the movies, and organize lectures! For more information, talk with the committee directors at New Member Signup!

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