February 11, 2008

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A FREE Lecture event:

Big Picture Panel on Sustainable Energy

February 11, 2008 at 5:00 pm in 32-123

NEW: download the presentation slides from this lecture!
Leon Glicksman's presentation
Michael Greenstone's presentation
Sarah Slaughter's presentation
Jefferson Tester's presentation

Climate change is making it increasingly clear that we need sustainable energy - a supply that does not destroy our other resources, and a habit of using energy efficiently. To understand how this will be affecting you and your life choices, we need to look at the Big Picture. What are the biggest obstacles to sustainable energy? What is being done right now? How will this be affecting your career?

Sustainable careers are not just for do-gooders. Sustainable energy is not just about solar panels, wind power, and fuel cells. And we are not just waiting for the miracle gadget that everyone can just buy!

Join us for a series of short talks and a Q&A session, followed by a reception with refreshments.

Our Panelists:

Michael Greenstone

Jefferson Tester

Leon Glicksman

Sarah Slaughter

Michael Greenstone is a 3M Professor of Environmental Economics, who assesses the economic and health costs of Climate Change.

Jefferson Tester is an H. P. Meissner Professor of Chemical Engineering and co-chairs the Education Task Force of the MIT Energy Initiative. He is working on technologies for renewable and geothermal energy systems and spreading the word about sustainable energy.

Leon Glicksman is the Director of the Building Technologies Program, an interdisciplinary program jointly sponsored by the Department of Architecture (home department), the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering. He works on energy-efficient, sustainable building designs.

Sarah Slaughter is a senior lecturer and course coordinator for the Laboratory for Sustainable Business (S-Lab) at the MIT Sloan School of Management. Her research is in Behavioral and Policy Sciences, and she works with companies on effective development and implementation of strategies for sustainable energy.

The Big Picture Panel is the kickoff event of Focus on Climate Change (February 12-14), and is cosponsored by SAVE and the MIT Fund.

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