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March 17, 2006

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A FREE film and lecture:
SCUL: Operation SuperPosi
March 17, 2006 at 7:00pm in 10-250.

Power up the RadioBox, put your boots on the boosters and set phasers on funk! For ten Earth years the Subversive Choppers Urban Legion has faithfully patrolled the local starsystems with a thirst for adventure. Suit up with the crew that has become a rolling landmark of Boston's Saturday nightlife.

Take the view of a raw recruit as you are inducted into the inner workings and culture of SCUL: Test your piloting skills in dogfight derby. Push the envelope of your gastronomical stamina in the over consumption unsavory snacks. Bypass your humility circuits and get naked! Aboard a fleet of radically modified bicycles, a band of heroic pilots embarks on the ultimate mission: Operation SuperPosi. []

SCUL (Subversive Chopper Urban League) is a bicycle chopper gang that originated in Boston. SCUL is self-described as "the counterculture to America's love for the automobile." Join us after the film for a lecture and Q&A with film producers Skunk and MegaSeth, and SCUL Pilot Threespeed.

Funded in part by the MIT Fund.

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