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January 28, 2006

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The 28th Annual LSC Sci-Fi Marathon

Featuring special shorts, fun activities, extra refreshments, and a variety of sci-fi films. Admission at 7pm is $6, and drops to $3 after midnight.

The marathon features four full length films, "Red Dwarf" episodes, and several shorts.

7:00pm - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial
9:20pm - pizza ordering
9:45pm - Serenity
11:45pm - pizza arrives
12:00am - Red Dwarf episode
12:40am - 12 Monkeys
3:00am - Red Dwarf episode
3:50am - The Empire Strikes Back

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (DTS)
January 28, 2006 at 7:00pm in 26-100.

E.T. The Extra Terrestrial is Steven Spielberg's warmhearted classic delight for both children and adults. It tells the story of an alien creature, E.T., mistakenly left behind on Earth. When a young boy, Elliott (Henry Thomas), finds E.T. and hides him in his home, both their worlds are changed forever. []

"The simple truth is, no other movie has the same power to unite audiences in wonder and fulfilment."
      -- Ian Waldron-Mantgani, The UK Critic. Read this review.

Rated PG
120 minutes

Serenity (2005) (DTS)
January 28, 2006 at 9:45 pm in 26-100 and
REPLAY January 29, 2006 at 10:00pm in 26-100.

Beloved television cult director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) makes a spectacular first foray onto the big screen with Serenity, the cinematic adaptation of his wildly popular but short-lived sci-fi series, Firefly. A mix of space western, comedy, and drama, Serenity follows captain Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds (Nathan Fillion) and his ragtag crew as they trade their way around the edges of civilized society. Of particular interest are two passengers they take on, Simon and River Tam (Sean Maher, Summer Glau), a brother and his telepathic sister on the run from the corrupt governing Alliance. As notorious former members of the anti-Alliance opposition, Mal and his crew make it difficult for Simon and River to stay hidden. Everything goes completely awry when a government assassin is sent to retrieve River. As Mal is forced to choose between his close-knit crew and the brother and sister newcomers, it becomes apparent that River harbors both a dangerous secret and astounding fighting powers, and Mal decides that discovering the truth about what she knows might just be worth his time. []

"The cleverest, crankiest, wittiest, wildest, and most character-driven sci-fi adventure in 25 years; it's the best outer-space trip I've been on since the empire struck back."
      -- Scott Weinberg, Read this review.

Rated PG-13
119 minutes

12 Monkeys (1995)
January 29, 2006 at 12:40am in 26-100.

In this intriguing science fiction film from director Terry Gilliam, penal colony prisoner James Cole must travel back in time from the year 2035 to find the cause of a virus that killed five billion people in 1997.

Cole's trip into the past won't be easy. For starters, he winds up in the wrong year on his first attempt. Once, as he time-travels, Cole ends up a prisoner in an insane asylum in 1990. There, he meets psychiatrist Kathryn Railly and inmate Jeffrey Goines, who could hold the key to the epidemic's spread. []

"..less an essay on the nature of madness than a crazy person's poem. It is wild and beautiful and deeply disturbing all at once."
      -- Philip Martin, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Read this review.

Rated R
129 minutes

Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) (DTS)
January 29, 2006 at 3:50am in 26-100 and
REPLAY January 29, 2006 at 7:00pm in 26-100.

Considered the most morally and emotionally complex of the original Star Wars trilogy, The Empire Strikes Back continues creator George Lucas's epic saga where Star Wars: A New Hope left off. The Rebel Forces &mdash which include young adventurer Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), rogue pilot Han Solo (Harrison Ford), and the beautiful but seemingly humorless Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) &mdash have been successful in destroying the Evil Empire's Death Star. However, the Empire's top commander, the terrifying Lord Darth Vader (played by David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones), is scanning the galaxy for the Rebels' secret location. Greek tragedy meets a philosophical hero's journey in Empire, a remarkable sci-fi epic in which the performances are as powerful as the spectacular special effects. []

"By far the best part of the trilogy, Empire is a classic that completely transcends its genre, with a reputation that can only grow and grow."
      -- Tom Coates, BBC. Read this review.

Rated PG
129 minutes

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