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April 24, 2005

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99 minutes

A FREE Screening and discussion:
Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters) (2003)
April 24, 2005 at 4:00pm in 10-250.

The DVD screening will be followed by a discussion with Ms Shilpa Shukla, a lead actress in the film.

Winner of the Best Film Award at the 2004 Locarno International Film Festival, Khamosh Pani (Silent Water) has captivated audiences worldwide with its poignant tale of a young religious fanatic and the women in his life. Set in 1978 and shot on location in a village called Charkhi in Pakistan, we see Ayesha and her son Saleem not affected in any direct way by the country's bloodied past...until divisive fundamentalist elements descend on the peaceful village to divide people, just as India had been splintered in two uneasy halves in 1947. Khamosh Pani doesn't just ask us to learn from our mistakes; it also tells us that mistakes are inevitable and we must learn to live with them. Admission is free.

Co-sponsored with AID-Boston, The Prajnopaya Foundation, The Bill and Betsy Leitch Endowment, Office of the Dean of Student Life, Simmons Hall, MIT-Pragnyopaya, and the Council of Arts at MIT.

"An indictment of intolerance, Silent Waters is a truly powerful picture, and of the sort that sneaks up on you and stays with you long after you've left the theatre."
      -- Liz Braun, JAM! Movies. Read this review.

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