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November 21 & 23, 2003

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Rated PG
227 minutes

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)
November 21, 2003 at 6:00 and 10:00pm in 26-100 and
November 23, 2003 at 6:00pm in 26-100.

Fellow Oscar contenders in 1963 never stood a chance ... lush with great moments ... emotionally overpowering ... feel your own youth return. For God's sake, forsake that ugly VCR for one night at the real movies.
      -- Desson Howe, The Washington Post. Read this review.

What a bold, mad act of genius it was, to make Lawrence of Arabia, or even think that it could be made ... The word "epic" in recent years has become synonymous with "big budget B picture." What you realize watching Lawrence of Arabia is that the word "epic" refers not to the cost or the elaborate production, but to the size of the ideas and vision.
      -- Roger Ebert, The Chicago-Sun Times. Read this review.

Winner of SEVEN Academy Awards including Best Picture.

Experience the world-shaking events of World War I, as Arabia is thrown into chaos.

Lieutenant T. E. Lawrence (Sir Peter O'Toole in his first major film role), serving in a neglected outfit of the British Army, is sent on an intelligence mission into the desert wastelands of Arabia. He is to contact Prince Faisal (Sir Alec Guiness), leader of a ragtag band of Arab tribesmen against their German-allied Turkish imperial overlords.

The British and French thirst for Arabia's rich oil resources, and agree to split Arabia between their empires upon the defeat of Germany and Turkey. Yet, amidst lung-choking sand, blazing sun, and the utter disdain of his superiors, Lawrence defies all odds, uniting the Arab tribes into a nation and fighting for their freedom. A relentless perfectionist, Lawrence drives himself harder and harder, questioning his mortal limits as the film probes the meaning and limitations of near-godhood.

A totally immersive experience filled with overwhelming imagery, Lawrence of Arabia cannot be experienced except on the big screen. On video you see a blurry patch of desert, "Boring." On DVD you see a crisp patch of desert and a dot in the distance, "There's some dust on the film.". Projected from the crystal clarity of motion picture film, surrounded by six channels of DTS Digital Sound, you feel the shimmering waves of desert heat and notice a man on a camel, THREE MILES away.

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