LSC Slides: Design Tips

Size and Format of Slides

LSC now shows slides digitally at a 16:9 aspect ratio. Submitting your slide at this resolution will make best of use of the screen space, though we can resize images as necessary. We ask you to please try to use PNG, TIFF, GIF, or JPEG format, with our preference being in that order.


We recommend that you use large fonts (at least 24 pts in size) so that your text will be large enough to be read throughout the auditorium. If you submit your slide in PhotoShop format, be sure to include all the fonts needed to render your slide.

For best impact, use at most two fonts on your slide: one for the large attention grabbing text and one for the information being presented. This page, for example, uses Arial at different sizes for section headings and text.

Make the important parts of your slide (title, time, date, etc.) stand out by spacing them off from the rest of the information on the slide, and by using a larger font size. Bold fonts and iconic symbols will also draw attention to the important parts of a slide.

Slides present best when they have light-colored text and artwork on a dark background.

We Can Help

LSC will be pleased to design your slide for you. If you would like LSC to design your slide, please send us one of the following:

  1. a publicity poster, or
  2. a graphic/logo to be included, and
    • text to be included, or
    • a description of the event, or
    • a link to your organization/event website.

After you submit your design request, our designers will send you a draft, and any comments you have will be incorporated into the final design, which will also be sent to you. If you request further revisions, LSC will charge up to $50 per slide, depending on the amount of time/work it takes to design the slide.


If you have questions about our policies or about electronic submission of material, please call us at (617) 253-3791 or send us e-mail at