LSC Slides: Rates and Policies

SponsorOne NightWeekendScience Fiction
Entire Semester
ASA Student Group$10$15$15$150
MIT Department$10$15$15$150
Outside Business$25$40$50$300

Slides are shown for 30 seconds each after the scheduled starting time for the movie with the house lights off, or can be incorporated into our pre-show slides.

LSC also offers specials rates for multi-week slide purchases. Contact for more information.

Rate and Payment Policies

An LSC slide is an inexpensive and effective way to publicize your message to the general MIT community. Slides are shown prior to each movie presented by LSC, including classics and special events.

The deadline for slide advertising requests is 6:00 pm three business days before the first show date - thus, requests must be submitted by 6:00pm on Tuesday for a typical weekend showing. Requests received after the deadline are not guaranteed to be shown, and will incur a late fee if they can be processed in time for showing.

The type of group whose slide is being shown, not the individual or organization who submits the slide, determines the advertising rate. For example, students who submit a slide for an MIT department may not claim the student rate. Similarly, students and departments submitting slides for outside organizations will be assessed the outside business rate.

Only MIT groups and outside organizations may be billed for slides. Individual students must provide payment prior to the first showing of the slide. LSC accepts payment by cash, check, money order, or MIT account number.

LSC reserves the right to reject any slide for any reason. At LSC's discretion, the words 'Paid Advertisement' may be added or required to be present on any slide accepted for showing.


LSC will provide a full refund for cancellations received prior to the slide submission deadline. Refunds for slides withdrawn after the slide submission deadline will be based on whether or not the slide has been created. If the slide has not been created, a full refund will be provided. Otherwise, a partial refund will be provided based on LSC's cost to prepare the slide.

LSC assumes no financial responsibility for typographical errors made in advertisements, but LSC will correct any substantive errors made by LSC and reshow such advertisements. Corrections must be received by the slide deadline for the following weekend.

In the event that a slide cannot be shown for technical reasons, the text of the slide will be read to the audience. Fees for the display and/or production of slides will not be refunded under these circumstances.


If you have questions about our policies or about electronic submission of material, please call us at (617) 253-3791 or send us e-mail at