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LSC Events for Monday, May 03, through Sunday, May 09

Thursday, May 06

American Pie (1999)

A Free Sneak Preview.
rated R
8:00 in 26-100 on 05/06

Friday, May 07

Graduate, The (1967)

LSC Classics closes its Spring term with this look at what can happen after graduation. Benjamin Braddock returns home, having graduate with honors from college with no idea of what to do with his life. Tired of being the golden boy for his parents' friends, he embarks upon an affair with a close family friend old enough to be his mother, Mrs. Robinson. Benjamin leads a frustrated life and often sees adults in a surreal way. Starring Anne Bancroft and Dustin Hoffman.
105 min, rated R
7:30 in 10-250 on 05/07

Friday, May 07, and Sunday, May 09

Playing By Heart (1998)

A group of people of varied generations and lifestyles search for love and connection in contemporary Los Angeles. All of these people (strangers, lovers, and family) are transformed by a series of unsettling events that bring into focus just how elusive, complex, and occasionally miraculous love can be in the right circumstances. Stars Gillian Anderson and Sean Connery.
121 min, rated R
7 & 10 in 26-100 on 05/07
7:00 in 26-100 on 05/09

Saturday, May 08, and Sunday, May 09

Rushmore (1998)

Max Fisher has his eye on early admission to Oxford, but first he must overcome his status as one of the worst students at Rushmore Academy. It's easy to understand why his grades have suffered; he's the captain of the fencing and debate teams and president of the chess and astronomy clubs while editing the yearbook and school newspaper. Now he's in pursuit of pretty first-grade teacher Miss Cross. His scheme to build an aquarium in her honor leads him to seek the aid of steel tychoon and school benefactor Herman Blume (Bill Murray). Blume and Fisher soon find themselves in competition for Miss Cross's affection, and it's anyone's guess whether brains or money will win her heart.
93 min, rated R, with DTS digital sound
7 & 10 in 26-100 on 05/08
10:00 in 26-100 on 05/09

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