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LSC Events for Monday, April 12, through Sunday, April 18

Wednesday, April 14

An Evening with The Capitol Steps

The Capitol Steps, the only group in America that attempts to be funnier than the Congress, is a troupe of current and former Congressional staffers who monitor events and personalities on Capitol Hill, in the Oval Office, and in other centers of power and prestige around the world and then take a humorous look at serious issues while providing a nationwide laugh for millions. Tickets are $5 for the MIT community, $10 for other college students and MIT alums, and $20 for the general public.
8:00 in Kresge on 04/14

Friday, April 16

Horse Feathers (1932)

Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff has just been installed as the new president of Huxley College. His son Frank influences him to recruit two new football players in order to beat rival school Darwin. Unfortunately, Wagstaff mistakenly hires the misfits Baravelli and Pinky. After finding out that Darwin has beaten him to the "real" players, Wagstaff enlists Baravelli and Pinky to kidnap them, which leads to an anarchic football finale. Cosponsored by the DeFlorez Funds.
68 min, not rated
7:30 in 10-250 on 04/16

Friday, April 16, and Sunday, April 18

Clerks (1994)

Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) is a convenience-store clerk; his best friend, Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson), works at the video store next door. While ostensibly working, Dante tries to choose between his two girlfriends, Veronica (Marilyn Ghigliotti) and Caitlin (Lisa Spoonhauer), attends a friend's funeral, and meets the mysterious Silent Bob (Kevin Smith). B&W
103 min, rated R
7 & 10 in 26-100 on 04/16
7:00 in 26-100 on 04/18

Saturday, April 17, and Sunday, April 18

The Siege (1998)

Anthony Hubbard (Denzel Washington) is charged with dealing with the ever-increasing terrorism in New York City. He and partner Elise Kraft (Annette Bening) ultimately declare martial law in the city and send in the United States Army, led by General William Devereaux (Bruce Willis).
115 min, rated R, with DTS digital sound
7 & 10 in 26-100 on 04/17
10:00 in 26-100 on 04/18

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