LSC Electronic Blue Form

LSC Electronic Blue Form

If you don't hear from your Director within a few days (and from the server in a few minutes), contact them to make sure they have received the form.

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LSC Electronic Blue Form

Your Full Name:

Your Email Address:

Your LSC Initials (iff they have already been assigned to you):

How often do you read email?

Twice a Day
At Least Daily

Your Mail Address (Interdepartmental Preferred):

Your Cell Phone Number:

Your Home Phone Number:

Academic Year:

Grad Student

What term are you applying for? IAP Spring Summer Fall

How many terms have you been an LSC member? Count each IAP and Summer as half a term.

Which was the last committee you served on?

After at least four terms of good work, an LSC member is entitled to a "term pass", or non-working term membership. Members on term-pass must attend Gencomm meetings.
Are you requesting a Term Pass for this term? Yes

Spring 2006: The Classics committee has been absorbed into the Night and Refreshments committees. If you're interested in Classics, please join one of those committees and specify your interest in the "other information" box.

Rank your committee preferences in order (1 being highest preference).

Include below those dates you can not work:

Include below those dates which you would prefer to work:

Finally, include below any other information we might need (such as requests for special positions like "Slides Assistant" or working Classics films, etc).